Gabriele Alese
Software Engineer


Python Web Developer, with vast experience in IT services for publishers delivering content on the widest range of media devices. Wide insight into the publishing industry and its processes, from production workflows to copyright, from marketing to distribution, with a particular focus on the role played by technology and innovation in the digital value chain.


Developer of the py-Clave EPUB API, a prototype implementation of a set of public RESTful APIs meant to enable clients to retrieve metadata and contents from a bunch of digital publications in EPUB2 format.

Developer of py-BookBundler, a python Flask webapp to enable publishers to bundle ebooks with paper books, providing that they can upload a picture of a page.

I developed a small command-line client for toggl, an awesome time-keeping utility.

Developer of Tweet-A-Book, a webapp to find potentially tweet-able sentences inside an EPUB publication.

Developer of IBSN Checker, a little webapp to check the validity of a bunch of ISBN identifiers.

I also developed pyepub, a MIT-licensed EPUB manipulation library for Python.

Some of my helper Python scripts are also available on github and as gists.

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